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Step by step to automatic truck scheduling

Good scheduling and route planning is the key to successful transport management for logicians and shippers in road freight transport. Only those who optimally utilize the available truck and driver resources can permanently save logistics costs. Due to the complex restrictions and general conditions, the dispatcher quickly reaches his limits without the appropriate software support takes a lot of time to plan. But the automation of route planning is not everything: There are also important automation functions for controlling the routes of the current day and for communicating with customers and colleagues in-house. In this webinar, you will learn what these are and what needs to be considered when introducing such solutions.

Who should attend?

The webinar is aimed at all those responsible for logistics, especially transport logisticians, vehicle dispatchers and supply chain managers. And to all interested parties who want to know how automating truck dispatching in the company can succeed.

What to expect?

You will receive important tips for implementation and how you can successfully master the challenges for your company with our OPHEO transport control station. In doing so, we address the following questions:

  • What expansion stages of automatic tour planning can be distinguished?
  • Which requirements should route optimization algorithms meet?
  • How do forecasting algorithms bring transparency to your route control?
  • How can ETA forecasts be automatically sent to your customers?
  • What requirements does your data have to meet?
  • What else needs to be considered in the implementation process?
  • What benefit can you expect?

The webinar is in German.


The managing director of Opheo Solutions studied business mathematics. He did his doctorate on the subject of evolutionary optimization algorithms, researched as a guest scientist at Stanford University and worked until 2001, among other things, as a lecturer in software development and computer-aided planning at the University of Hamburg. As a recognized expert in the automation of truck dispatching, Stefan Anschütz is a sought-after speaker at many industry meetings. He is also an active author and has played a major role in our eBook.

Dr. Stefan Anschütz

Founder & CEO

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Schritt für Schritt zur automatischen Lkw-Disposition

13/10/202211:00 CEST45 minutes
Sie planen die Automatisierung Ihrer Lkw-Disposition, wissen aber nicht genau, welche Möglichkeiten der Automatisierungsfunktionen es gibt und wie Sie ein solches Projekt am besten angehen? Unser CEO Dr. Stefan Anschütz gibt Ihnen wichtige Tipps zur Umsetzung und erläutert, wie Sie die Herausforderungen für Ihr Unternehmen erfolgreich meistern.