Thursday, 10. December 2020

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Rüdebusch Is Stepping It up With Opheo

Braunschweig-based German bulk materials forwarder Rüdebusch Baustoffe und Transporte e.K. plans to control their roughly 600 vehicles with the integrated transport control center OPHEO which the company expects to increase its dispatching efficiency by 30 percent. This software solution for transport management, tour optimization and telematics developed by initions AG is to be deployed at all nine Rüdebusch locations by March 2021. By making this major investment in the midst of the Corona pandemic, Rüdebusch takes advantage of the weak economic phase to further digitize their own processes.

As part of the implementation, OPHEO will be connected to Rüdebusch’s ERP system making it no longer necessary to manually enter order data for shipping. In addition, interfaces to the existing proprietary telematics solutions for the trucks will be set up, primarily allowing the tachograph data to be retrieved and made available in OPHEO. Thereby the 26 dispatchers can check all drivers’ current driving and rest times in the dispatching cockpit, OPHEO’s graphical user interface, and to detect and avoid impending rule violations at an early stage.

The 600-vehicle fleet will be equipped with Samsung Galaxy Tab A tablets and the OPHEO MOBILE telematics app. The app receives the order and address data from OPHEO and guides the drivers through the entire delivery process one step at a time, all while status information and position data are reported back to OPHEO. Based on this data, a new forecast is calculated in real time and the display in the user’s dispatching cockpit is updated automatically Not only the estimated arrival times, but also the shifts in driving and rest times are calculated automatically, giving dispatchers a valuable time window to change route plans and inform customers in good time.

Through savings in terms of less empty mileage and significantly more efficient processes Rüdebusch expects the investment to pay for itself. “We expect OPHEO to help us save about 30 percent in time providing our dispatchers with more time to take care of our customers and lower their workload at the same time,” explains project manager Jens Reupke who plans to complete the OPHEO rollout in February 2021.

The OPHEO transport control center by initions is an intelligent standard software for the transport management of road freight transports that has proven itself over many years. In addition to its tour planning, telematics and ETA forecasting features, this solution also includes a tour optimization module based on self-learning algorithms which allows for automatic tour planning and even fully autonomous dispatching. For the automated interaction of telematics data and planning functions, OPHEO received the Telematics Award in 2020. In addition to the dispatching process, OPHEO also automates communication with customers.

Rüdebusch Baustoffe und Transporte e.K. is one of the largest bulk materials forwarders in the North of Germany. Headquartered in Braunschweig, this transport company operates more than 600 vehicles and employs around 700 people at nine locations. In addition to bulk materials, Rüdebusch also transports general cargo, containers, liquid bitumen, emulsions and dusty materials. Overseas transports and inland water transport, where bulk materials of all kinds are transported, round off the company’s broad portfolio. Moreover, Rüdebusch also operates in the waste disposal and recycling sector.

In addition, the company group is a supplier of a wide range of construction materials. These mainly include mineral aggregates such as sand, gravel, mineral mixtures, topsoil or paving chippings. Since 2007, the owner-operated medium-sized company has been running its own driving schools, all of which are also open to external drivers and companies. For more information, please visit