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  • Intelligent software support for route planning
  • Mapping of the special hazardous goods requirements in the gas business
  • Modern user interface


  • OPHEO increases the quality of the entire route planning
  • Effort reduction enables growth without additional personnel
  • Customer delivery without ordering thanks to automatic advance calculation brings enormous advantages

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Forecasting for critical medical supplies – Westfalen Group schedules with OPHEO

Industry: Gas and oil transport

OPHEO products: Dispo Cockpit / OPHEO MOBILE / Predictive Planning / Tacho Data

The Westfalen Group controls the delivery of its technical and medical gases using the transport management software OPHEO, with the integrated telematics solution OPHEO MOBILE. In the course of the project, the software was expanded to include a forecasting function that automatically predicts customers’ short-term requirements. This enables the Westfalen Group to supply its customers without having to place an order and to always ensure sufficient stock levels.

Supply bottlenecks are unacceptable in this industry: a large part of industrial production and even human lives depend on technical and medical gases. Errors in ordering would therefore have fatal consequences. Against this background, large supply companies such as the Westfalen Group have developed efficient methods to predict the demand of production plants and hospitals.

Most customer tanks now have sensors that measure the current fill level and send it directly to Westfalen via remote data transmission. “This technology will continue to become the standard and requires innovative software solutions in the logistics chain,” Klaus Dieter Rose is convinced. The man should know: He is in charge of scheduling in the bulk sector at Westfalen. Here the gas is not transported in cylinders, but in special tankers. The trucks are in operation around the clock – in Germany and several neighbouring European countries …

Markus Rachow

Senior Sales Manager


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