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  • Improved customer service
  • Ease of work for the disposition
  • Interface to the Unitrade ERP system
  • Fast software implementation


  • Automatic calculations and restriction checks facilitate dispatching activities
  • Fully automatic recording of drivers’ working and break times for simple payroll accounting
  • Graphically supported route planning can be used simply by drag-and-drop
  • After a short introduction, OPHEO is also suitable for employees new to dispatching

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A balanced load made easy for GIMA with OPHEO

Industry: Building materials

OPHEO products: Dispo Cockpit / OPHEO MOBILE / Predictive Planning / Automatic Notifications / Tacho Data

GIMA, a trading company specialising in plastering and painting supplies, has digitalised its entire logistics process. In doing so, the company succeeded in balancing a significant reduction in workload for the dispatchers with a noticeable improvement in customer service. The integrated transport control centre and telematics system OPHEO is behind this.

Around 50 truck tours per day with up to 30 unloading points: Even experienced dispatchers have respect for such demands. Add to that a mix of commercial and private customers, and the choice of suitable employees usually becomes manageable. This makes the experience of GIMA, a trading company specialising in plastering and painting supplies, all the more astonishing. The medium-sized family business has a fleet of 30 trucks at its four largest branches, which are on the road on the said 50 routes in local and long-distance traffic. The trucks are dispatched by four employees whose workplace has already been largely digitalised …

Markus Rachow

Senior Sales Manager


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