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Fundamentals of Transport Logistics: An Overview

Transport management
Dr. Stefan Anschütz

The article provides an in-depth look at the fundamentals of transport logistics, describing the process from planning to execution and highlighting the role of technology in this. It also highlights future trends and challenges in this ever-evolving sector.

How to optimise carrier selection with OPHEO

Route planning / -optimisation
Transport management
Toralf Kraft

Companies that do not have their own truck fleet or handle at least part of their logistics through external companies face the daily challenge of placing orders and tours quickly and cost-efficiently. So they have to find the right carrier. OPHEO supports and automates this task.

Transport planning for trucks - What does that mean and what is important?

Route planning / -optimisation
Transport management
Dr. Stefan Anschütz

Efficient transport planning is crucial in logistics. What this means and how truck transports in particular can be optimised

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Checklist: Is your truck dispatching fit for 2023?

Route planning / -optimisation
Transport management
Dr. Stefan Anschütz

These 10 factors are becoming increasingly decisive for shippers as well as for forwarders and carriers.

Efficient picking through precise ETA data and transparent processes

Digital connectivity
Paul Hennig

In addition to scheduling, there is another specialist department that plays an important role in the transport of goods: Warehousing & Picking. Non-transparent or missing information from the scheduling department can already lead to considerable delays in the process, which massively influence the upcoming transport planning. Making the ETA data of the incoming trucks available to all employees in the warehouse in a transparent way can be a decisive factor in optimising the processes.