Building Materials Trade
and Construction Materials

The transport of building materials is associated with specialist framework conditions that make dispatching a particularly demanding task. For example, due to its dependence on weather conditions, the building and construction materials industry is characterised above all by very short-term orders and order changes, to which dispatching must react flexibly. At the same time, punctual just-in-time delivery is of great importance, as smooth processes must be guaranteed on the construction site.

With OPHEO, we offer a software for transport management and dispatching with integrated telematics which is ideally tailored to the specialist requirements of the building materials industry. The great strength of OPHEO lies in the compact graphical display of all information about quantities, times, utilization and current vehicle status.

What is special about OPHEO: our software even looks ahead and informs the dispatcher where bottlenecks or problems could occur in the next few hours. OPHEO therefore supports the building materials planner in an intelligent way and saves logistics costs.

Another advantage of OPHEO is its high flexibility: OPHEO is able to map every type of building material with its individual planning logic. Multi-chamber silo trains or tarpaulin vehicles, for example, require different dispatching than tippers, truck mixers or concrete pumps. OPHEO is also equipped for the delivery to new construction areas without exact address information. This makes OPHEO the ideal software for the entire building materials industry.

OPHEO – Your Specialist for Transport Management
in the Building Materials Trade and Industry

With the Industry Pack Building Material we offer a feature package tailored to the unique requirements of the building materials sector.

  • Calculation of parking spaces taking into account consignment goods, small quantities, stackability, and much more
  • Provision of loading lists
  • Connection to warehouse management systems including transmission of loading lists and automatic update of order quantities
  • Delivery to new development areas
  • Manual construction site localization based on up-to-date maps
  • Automated construction site localization based on the first approach
  • Management of construction site restrictions and consideration in the planning process
  • Scheduling of incomplete call-off orders with reminder function
  • Control and prevention of simultaneous approaches to the same construction site
  • Photo documentation of unloading
  • Documentation of loading equipment movements

Management of Silo Transports

Industry Pack “Bulk Silo” with additional functions:

  • Framework agreements and call-off orders
  • Manual site localization
  • Site localization through first approach
  • Specifying of accessibility/opening hours
  • Maintaining of GPS coordinates for each silo
  • Multi-chamber planning
  • Prohibitions on combined and consecutive loading
  • Planning function for cleanings
  • Management of driver shift scheduling systems
  • Vehicle requirements forecast

Management of  Tipper Transports

Industry Pack “Bulk Tipper” with additional functions:

  • Directed orders and tours with driver’s capture of delivery notes
  • Framework agreements and call-off orders
  • Manual site localization
  • Site localization through initial visit
  • Capturing of ad hoc orders directly by the driver in conjunction with the OPHEO MOBILE App
  • Automatic division of orders into several tours
  • Timing of deliveries for an order

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