Bulk Food Transport

In few other transport sectors do time and punctuality play such an important role as in Food Transport Management. In particular, adherence to booked time slots represent a central requirement for tour planning and the driver. In addition, special requirements for the driver and vehicle must be taken into account on a regular basis: is side unloading required? Can the customer be supplied with a trailer? Is a second driver needed for unloading?

With OPHEO, we offer our customers a dispatching software that provides excellent support for the special requirements of the food industry. OPHEO has smart planning parameters, in which the special requirements for the transport equipment can be stored in relation to the customer and the location. The user can also enter new rules independently at any time. The cleaning times of milk trucks (and similar) are also automatically taken into account in OPHEO’s tour planning.

Through the interaction of intelligent tour planning and real-time evaluation of the live telematics data from the truck, the OPHEO Transport Control Center is able to provide the dispatcher with a comprehensive overview of quantities, progress, and the current vehicle status at any time.

The dispatcher can also immediately see which customers still require time slot bookings. The special highlight: OPHEO even looks ahead and informs the dispatcher where bottlenecks or problems could occur in the coming hours.

Of course, OPHEO can also be closely interlinked with software systems from production and warehousing, e.g. to inform the dispatch department whether goods are already ready for loading. Conversely, with the help of the ETA arrival monitor, picking can see at any time when the next vehicles will arrive at the site.

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