Drinks and Beverage transport

Similar to the transport of bulk food, OPHEO also has functions that are especially necessary for the drinks and beverage industry. This includes, in particular, the consideration of empties: in OPHEO, empties pick-ups and returns can already be taken into account during tour planning.

However, spontaneous changes in quantity can also be handled without any problems. With the help of our OPHEO MOBILE telematics app, your drivers can specify or adjust the quantities originally taken into account in the planning in just a few steps, and report them back to the dispatching department while on the road.

Furthermore, especially in the catering industry, there are special requirements for unloading operations – which are configured in OPHEO by defining properties of the unloading locations. Be it a cellar shaft into which the drinks have to be transported, or the need to include an additional driver/employee into the tour.

The highlight here is that additional drivers are automatically taken into account when calculating the unloading times. This makes your tour planning even more precise and easier to plan.

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