Gas and Oil transport logistics

The dispatching and control of bulk transport with tank trucks places special demands on the supporting Transport Management System. In contrast to most other types of transport, the delivery quantities in the gas business are often not known in advance, but only arise during unloading at the customer’s premises. In addition, there are supply contracts with many customers that shift the responsibility for initiating a transport from the customer to the supplier. In addition, special obligations to provide proof apply to the delivery of medical gases.

With OPHEO, we offer a system that provides special functions for truck dispatching and control.

For example, OPHEO has a forecasting function that uses a customer’s historical consumption to forecast the current stock quantity and automatically generates a transport order for the next delivery. The connection of level densors to the customer’s tanks is also supported.

In addition to the clear and intelligent dispatch cockpit, the system also offers special telematics functions for the truck driver. For example, delivery note printing directly within the vehicle as well as carrying an electronic transport document and certificates for medical gases are possible.

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