Freight Forwarders

For freight forwarding and logistics companies, top-class dispatching is of critical importance to the company’s success. Only those who utilise their vehicles to capacity, minimize empty kilometers, and make optimal use of the drivers’ driving and working times can work competitively and profitably in the long term. That’s why the OPHEO Transport Control Center starts exactly where the money is earned – in the dispatching department.

OPHEO sees itself as a supplement to classic forwarding software systems, which traditionally have their strengths more in the area of commercial processing, in quotation management and in accounting. With its Smart Planning technology, OPHEO offers precisely those functions that enable the dispatcher to create optimal tour plans: suggestion of the best return load and connecting tour, suggestion of the best truck for an order, utilisation of remaining capacities on partial load tours, automatic consideration of all driving and working time rules, and much more.

Many logistics companies only realise afterwards, in the context of controlling, that their vehicles were poorly utilised or that many empty kilometers were driven. But then it is too late, because the transports have already taken place.

Many logistics companies only realise afterwards, in the context of controlling, that their vehicles were poorly utilized or that many empty miles were driven. But then it’s too late, because transport has already taken place.

With the function of key figure-supported dispatching, OPHEO gives logistics professionals the ability to recognize costs during tour planning. Simply put, these are which costs are created with the planned tours and which vehicles contribute to specific margins. Individually adjustable targets and traffic light functions immediately draw the dispatcher’s attention to sub-optimal planning.

And perhaps the biggest plus of OPHEO: the dispatcher’s workplace is sustainably improved. Where before there were hectic phone calls, discussions and leafing through stacks of paper, OPHEO finally brings calm and transparency. All information on upcoming and current tours is available digitally, and is clearly presented in the graphic OPHEO dispatch cockpit. After all, good decisions can only be made with the best information and in a calm, concentrated working atmosphere. And great decisions are needed to earn money from dispatching.

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