Digitisation meets
industry know-how

Relevant and flexible for every industry!

Every industry and every type of transport has different requirements for transport management and tour planning. In order to be able to map these specialities, we have equipped OPHEO with different planning logics and a multitude of configuration options. Our Smart Planning rules are particularly adaptable and you can even add new rules yourself at any time.

This flexibility is critical.

Because, only with a suitable precision tool can you achieve maximum productivity increases and service improvements. The vehicle and trailer types that can be mapped with OPHEO include e.g. box, flatbed, tarpaulin, crane, silo, silo plate, tank, tipper, truck mixer, walking floor, beverage transporter, small transporter, construction machinery/working machines and many more. Supported transport types include factory transport, drop shipment, full load transport, part load transport, general cargo transport and grouped transport.

The right software for your industry