Friday, 19. February 2021

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initions AG Receives Work-Life Balance Certificate “Hamburger Familiensiegel”

Following their successful certification, initions AG was awarded the work-family life balance certificate “Hamburger Familiensiegel”. This independent confirmation acknowledges the company’s particular commitment to reconciling family and career. The Hamburger Allianz für Familien (Hamburg Alliance for Families) is an initiative of the Hamburg Senate, the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce and the Hamburg Chamber of Crafts and has been awarding the Hamburg Family Seal to small and medium-sized enterprises since 2007.

20 years after its founding, initions AG has more than 100 employees at its Hamburg site, the majority of whom have families. Not just as a result of the effects of the Corona pandemic, the need for more flexible workplace conditions for employees has become even more evident to employees and the public at large. As an employer, initions AG is setting a good example here:

As part of the related audit, the high degree of flexibility with which the company responds to changes in employees’ family circumstances was highlighted in a particularly positive light. In practice, this means that initions does not follow a rigid pattern, but adapts to the individual wishes and needs of its employees. Individual working time requests of employees with children are taken into account, as are family requirements in the scheduling of meetings or business trips. Employees can also pick up their children from daycare centers at any time. In addition, they also have the option of bringing children to the office to look after them, if required.

As one of 370 certified companies in Hamburg, initions AG remains committed to family friendliness and improving its employees’ work-life balance.

For more information about the Hamburger Familiensiegel, career options and current job openings at initions AG, please contact:

Janina Lommatzsch

HR Manager