Thursday, 31. March 2016

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Max Bögl Group Chooses OPHEO

By using the transport management and telematics system OPHEO, the Max Bögl Group intends to optimize control of its truck fleet with a total of 261 company-owned and 50 third-party vehicles in its four business units concrete, wind power, prefabricated parts and bulk goods. The software developed by initions AG and the additional tools developed together with the Max Bögl Group had turned out to be “the only solution that could cover the very different requirements of all business units,” explains fleet manager Erhard Wolfrum. At the end of the project, the new software will be used at 55 workplaces.

“We expect OPHEO to save our dispatchers a considerable amount of time. This way, they will be able to attend to the needs of our customers even more closely in the future,” says Sarah Geißelsöder who is coordinating the extensive software project on behalf of Max Bögl together with Holger Schrafl.

One of the project’s particularities is the wide range of requirements from the four business areas. While in the concrete sector truck mixers are dispatched, the wind power and prefabricated parts sectors primarily use heavy-duty trucks. “Bulk transports carried out with tippers also need special parameters for optimized dispatching,” Holger Schrafl emphasizes.

Apart from dispatching, the telematics application OPHEO Mobile is one of the solution’s essential elements. This Telematik-Award winning module is integrated into Max Bögl’s telematics platform TomTom Telematics. TomTom Telematics connects OPHEO’s mobile order management to TomTom’s navigation and telemetry solution which enables reading and analyzing the FMS and tachograph data. TomTom PRO8275 tablet PCs with 7-inch screens act as an interface to drivers, serving as a navigation system and mobile order and communication center. For the integration of OPHEO Mobile and TomTom, initions joins forces with Xplus1 GmbH from Neumarkt in der Oberpfalz, Germany.

The telematics solution enables dispatchers to track all connected trucks in real time. OPHEO calculates, based on current location data, whether the trucks are still on schedule and provides an outlook on the estimated time of arrival at the following destinations. The current data from the digital tachograph are also retrieved from the truck and taken into account for the schedule in real time. In the event of impending delays, dispatchers are informed in good time, leaving them with enough time to react. This forecasting feature won OPHEO the Telematik-Award at the Hanover trade fair IAA in 2014.

To ensure a continuous electronic data flow, OPHEO is seamlessly integrated into Max Bögl’s SAP system and production control systems.

The Max Bögl Group ranks among the ten largest companies in Germany’s construction industry. Founded in 1929 by Max Bögl, the family-owned company headquartered in Neumarkt in der Oberpfalz, Germany, is run by the third generation of the owners. The Group has around 6,000 employees at more than 35 sites, production facilities and representative offices in Germany and abroad, generating annual sales of over 1.6 billion euros in 2015.

Throughout the company’s history, Max Bögl has evolved from being purely a construction services provider to an internationally active technology and services company. Today, the company’s activities cover all areas and levels of difficulty in the construction industry: from building construction and traffic route engineering to civil engineering and tunneling, steel and plant engineering, precast construction, and supply and disposal. With the development and market launch of the “Max Bögl Hybrid Tower System”, the company started operating in the wind energy sector as well.