Software maintenance & support

Reliable software maintenance is essential for the use of a highly operative software like OPHEO. The first pillar of our software maintenance concept is maintenance itself.

Our OPHEO development team, which works directly and exclusively at our Hamburg location, is constantly working on improving and further developing the software and adapting it to changing operating conditions, such as new operating systems or database management systems.

The result is continuously developed, new versions throughout OPHEO, which we make available to our customers on a regular basis.

The second pillar of software maintenance is support. This includes the elimination of defects and advising customers on simple everyday useage questions through the user help desk.

Overview of Services

Maintenance and new releases


Included in the Scope of Services

  • Once a year provision of new release (annual release)
  • Adaptation of the OPHEO software to:
    • New SQL Server versions
    • New PTV map engines and new map material
    • New Windows versions
    • New .net framework
    • New C# versions
    • Current architecture and design patterns
  • Adaptation of the OPHEO MOBILE software to:
    • New Android versions
    • New mobile operating systems
  • Bug fixes
  • Improvement of existing software functions incl. user interface/usability
  • Development of new software functions
  • Refactoring of growing code structures
  • Release testing (OPHEO standard functions, standard interfaces)
  • notes:
    • Date coordination required for release change, lead time: at least 6 weeks
    • Appointments outside general service hours: only if available
  • General service hours: 08:00 – 17:00 (excluding public holidays)
  • Telephone or e‑mail
  • Reporting via authorised key users
  • Support via remote maintenance
  • User help desk: advice on simple operating questions
  • Elimination of defects
    • Analysis and elimination of software errors for the current and previous annual release
    • Provision of hotfixes (incl. installation) or workarounds
    • Performance analyses, provided that the performance deficiency can be reproduced on the customer’s server
    • Defect categories and response times
      • Cat.1: Preventing operation: response time 1h, only when received by telephone
      • Cat.2: Preventing operation: reaction time 4h, only with telephone input
      • Cat.3: Other: response time 24h

Billed separately

  • Installation work or testing on the customer’s test or production system
  • Testing of customized processes, interfaces, reports, and print templates
  • Maintenance of customized interfaces, reports, and print templates
  • Software upgrades beyond agreed modules and services
  • Workshops, concept development and quotations for OPHEO enhancements requested by the customer
  • Support (incl. installation of hotfixes) outside of general service hours
  • Support for hardware or third-party software (e.g. PTV)
  • User training or advisory services that go beyond brief advice on simple operating questions
  • Support cases for processes that were not introduced through an OPHEO consultant
  • Adaptation of reports, print templates, and forms
  • Installation and configuration work as well as data maintenance