Digital Tachograph: all the data on one software platform

All driving times at a glance

Compliance with the legal requirements on driving and rest times is a must for the dispatching of trucks. But OPHEO is not only able to check compliance with the rules during pre-planning. With the add-on module OPHEO Tacho Live, OPHEO also enables the continuous monitoring of the accrued and remaining driving and rest times. And not only that, because OPHEO already calculates for you, in the morning, whether your driver can still drive the last tour in the afternoon—or not. 

How it works

A ‘black box’ installed in the vehicle is directly connected to the Digital Tachograph and delivers the current tacho data back to the platform of one of our tacho management partners.

This live data is taken over by OPHEO, extracted and visualized for the dispatcher in the dispatch cockpit. With a specialist forecasting algorithm, OPHEO not only determines the current remaining driving time of the driver,

but also the other influences that result from planned tours on remaining driving tme and necessary breaks.

The results are visualized graphically in the dispatch cockpit. In this way, the dispatcher can see at a glance how much remaining driving time a driver will have in five hours and whether this is sufficient for all planned tours.

RemoteDownload and regulated archiving

In addition to the evaluation of the tachoLive data, we also offer the possibility of implementing the legally required archiving of the tacho data (driver card and mass memory) via the black box through our partner platforms. For remote Data retrieval, the so-called remoteDownload, the data is automatically downloaded via the box to the data center. Inconvenient manual readouts with a download key are no longer necessary.

Via a web application, you can evaluate the archived data if required or download it for verification purposes. With tacho management, OPHEO not only provides you with valuable information for ongoing dispatching, but also saves you time and money.