The best Telematics App for your trucks

Telematics solutions are an indispensable part of modern transport logistics. A lack of information from the driver’s cab, the so-called ‘information fog’ does not fit into the requirements of transparent logistics processes. That’s why the OPHEO MOBILE telematics app effectively and sustainably complements the OPHEO Transport Control Center and provides critical data for the efficient planning and optimization of your dispatch.

OPHEO MOBILE actively integrates the driver into the digital information chain – and also relieves the driver, as they only have to enter a few delivery-relevant data points themselves, and can easily click through preconfigured input fields in just a few steps. With the help of so-called geofencing, OPHEO even recognizes fully automatically when a vehicle reaches or leaves a loading or unloading point. The tour status is therefore automatically updated without the driver having to do anything.

Faster billing through optimized data flow

OPHEO MOBILE works as simply as this:

At the beginning of each tour, the dispatcher sends the tours planned in OPHEO with all the detailed information, such as stops, loads, special features during delivery, etc.—plus the electronic delivery note to the OPHEO MOBILE app on the driver’s operating device.

The stream of information then flows back from the vehicle to the dispatcher in real time: GPS position, status messages, communication messages and photos – everything is there. Changes to the electronic delivery notes that occur during the ongoing tour can be entered by the driver directly in the OPHEO MOBILE app.

In addition, the driver is also able to record loading equipment movements and obtain customer signatures on the mobile device. This data is automatically transmitted electronically back to OPHEO for the further billing process. A positive side effect: changed quantities or special services performed on-site are recorded directly in the order and taken into account in the billing process. Since the recorded data is reported back to the OPHEO server immediately after completion of the tour, the services can be invoiced to the customer on the same day.

With integrated truck navigation
you reach your destination faster

The integrated truck navigation offers a special advantage for the driver. Without having to make any further manual entries, drivers can start navigation to their next destination at the touch of a button. The address data is automatically transmitted to the navigation system by the OPHEO MOBILE app. We also include current traffic jam reports, the so-called ‘live traffic data’, in the route guidance. So that your vehicles reach the customer on time (and return on time).

functions at a glance

  • GPS tracking
  • Order and tour management
  • Geofencing with automatic status recognition
  • Working time recording
  • Leave requests
  • Departure control
  • Entry of ad hoc orders
  • Message exchange
  • Photo function (if supported by the mobile device)
  • Electronic delivery note with optional editing by the driver
  • Capture of digital customer signature

Easily integrate external drivers digitally

Not only the vehicles and drivers of your own fleet used on a daily basis can be integrated with the OPHEO telematics system. OPHEO also enables the inclusion of occasionally used external drivers and subcontractors in the mobile order management. With the add-on module OPHEO Driver Link you can easily integrate the external drivers.

This is done via a device-independent web connection through which the drivers can call up current shipment data and enter status changes. This reduces the effort involved in communication, gives you full transparency across all tours and makes your truck transport management even more precise and efficient.