Disponent bei Tourenplanung vor digitaler Tafel

Truck Tour planning with OPHEO

Tour planning is the heart of transport management and at the same time is the basis for successful transport logistics on the road. This is where the money is made in logistics.

Truck tour planning software should optimally support you in maximizing the utilization of vehicle capacities, loading spaces, and working hours while ensuring the highest adherence to schedules.

OPHEO Smart Planning

OPHEO meets the many challenges in truck tour planning with Smart Planning. This core element of our software, with its powerful planning technology, frees you from many manual steps in the dispatch process. They instead run fully automatically in OPHEO. OPHEO works like an intelligent co-pilot that relieves the dispatcher of all calculations and checks that arise, prevents errors, and uses optimization options, such as:

  • Checking the cargo capacity and permissible gross weight of each vehicle
  • Checking the weight and volume of the consignments to be transported
  • Calculation of distances and travel times, taking into account truck restrictions
  • Calculating the duration of the journey to the next loading point
  • Duration of loading and unloading depending on location and consignment quantity
  • Consideration of the drivers’ time account balances in relation to driving and working times
  • Consideration of dangerous goods qualifications of drivers
  • and much more

How it works
Truck Tour Planning
with Smart Planning

With Smart Planning you can plan
Faster. Easier. More precisely.

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More Information

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Set your rules for Tour Planning

Across every dispatch is an implicit expert knowledge, living in the heads of dispatchers; knowledge of vehicles, customers, and/or locations.

You store this knowledge in our tour planning software as your own comprehensive set of rules so that OPHEO recognizes that certain orders or locations require special equipment or know-how.

Automatic review

OPHEO checks all scheduling actions set by your schedulers automatically and in real time, and warns immediately in case of rule violations. In this way, no errors occur, even if the responsible dispatcher is ill or on vacation.

This provides you with a complete tour planning software that protects against any ‘island’ knowledge owned by individual employees, and enables new dispatch hires to quickly become familiar and gain success with the system.

Your advantages with Smart Planning

Reduction of the scheduling effort

Tour planning with Smart Planning also significantly reduces the scheduling effort. Thanks to the key cost-supported scheduling in OPHEO, dispatchers can directly see the costs of their tour planning. This eliminates the need for further time-consuming calculations.

Reduction of logistics costs

With Smart Planning technology, you can noticeably save on transport costs and CO2 emissions, thanks to:

  • optimized cross-site planning
  • fewer planning errors
  • higher vehicle utilization
  • fewer wasted kilometers

Employee flexibility

OPHEO systemizes the implicit knowledge of all your dispatchers. This means that vacation replacements and sickness absences no longer end in dispatching chaos.

What our customers say about OPHEO

With Dispatch Cockpit
everything is in view

The dispatch cockpit is at the heart of your OPHEO Transport Control Center and is the command center of the dispatchers. This is where all data converge, where a transparent overview is provided, and where all decisions are made. The user interface is operated intuitively and effortlessly by drag & drop. In this way, dispatchers plan transport orders into tours in a matter of seconds.

And always with automatic sequence optimization and taking into account all appointments and opening hours. The central dispatching perspectives for order data, geography, time, and vehicle resources are visually synchronized in OPHEO. Despite the abundance of visible information, this is so cleverly organised that the dispatchers always maintain a clear overview. Just as you would expect from a modern software for tour planning.

Commercial KPIs under control

Particularly important from a commercial point of view: With truck tour planning in OPHEO, dispatchers always have the most important key performance indicator in view. With every planning sction, they are updated automatically and in real time:

  • Capacity utilization
  • Empty and load kilometer share
  • Turnover or contribution margin

Target values can be stored and provided with a traffic light color coding so that it can be viewed instantly – whether everything is ‘in the green’ or whether individual vehicles remain underutilized.