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In our globally-networked world and a division of labor, the efficiency of logistics processes is a key factor in determining a company’s competitiveness, which is why digital Transport Management Systems have become indispensable. The Transport Management System is to be regarded as a logistics platform that enables the user to plan, monitor and optimize the daily use of the available means of transport.

Our transport control center OPHEO is a transport management software that allows the continuous digitalisation and automation of truck dispatching.

The result is higher efficiency, optimization of transport costs, greater supply chain transparency, and improved customer service.

The core elements of a Transport Management System such as OPHEO, are truck tour planning, AI-based tour optimization, as well as the monitoring of transport; taking into account telematics and ETA data. Functions for digital networking with customers such as notifications, shipment tracking, and the electronic delivery note are also part of the OPHEO Transport Management System solution, along with many others.

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60,000 optimized tour plans with OPHEO
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The intelligent Command Center
for Transport Management

With the graphical dispatch cockpit, real-time synchronization and intuitive usability, OPHEO offers the dispatcher full transparency and control over pending transport orders, ongoing tours, and the events of the next few hours. OPHEO combines tour planning, tour optimization, and telematics into one TMS. Using innovative forecasting algorithms, OPHEO enables dispatchers to forecast the immediate future of their transport. This makes OPHEO a digital Transport Control Center.

The right TMS for Your Sector

OPHEO can be used in all sectors in which goods are transported. Whether Industry, Construction, Beverages, Transport Services, or in the Agricultural Sector – with OPHEO, customers can fully map their business and all sector-specific features.

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