Professional software implementation

We look at things through your eyes. Because every software should match the customer process and not the other way round. In order for you to derive the maximum benefit from OPHEO on a daily basis, it is important that we configure OPHEO exactly according to your requirements.

Therefore, before we train you in OPHEO operations, we first familiarize ourselves with your processes. Only when we literally ‘look at things through your eyes’ can we optimally map your business in OPHEO and train your users in a targeted manner.

Key users play an important role in the OPHEO implementation process.

By this we mean users who have a high level of expertize in the transport management processes in their company and who are to be central contacts for other users for the everyday use of OPHEO.

The core task of the key users in the implementation process is the transfer of knowledge between the OPHEO Consultants and the users. On the one hand, they should contribute their process know-how to the project and, on the other hand, they should be trained to become OPHEO Experts who can then pass on the OPHEO know-how to other users.

The phases of the
implementation process

  • Fine tuning of the system requirements
  • Provision of servers, networks and remote maintenance access by the customer
  • Installation by OPHEO
  • Procurement of mobile devices, holders, and SIM cards by the customer
  • Kick-off workshop at the customer’s premises with discussion of the customer’s processes and joint definition of user processes, software configurations, interface requirements, implementation steps and any necessary software enhancements; documentation of the kick-off protocol.
  • Configuration of OPHEO by our Solutions Consultants
  • If necessary, support of the customer with master data imports from old or previous systems
  • Interface workshop at the customer’s premises with contact persons from the third-party systems involved to coordinate the interface concept and to discuss the individual interfaces from a technical point of view.
  • Setup of the OPHEO standard interfaces by the customer with support from OPHEO Consultants
  • If necessary, development of individual interfaces
  • OPHEO introduction and master data training at the customer’s premises for the key users, including instruction in master data maintenance
  • Data maintenance by the key users
  • OPHEO MOBILE location training at the customer site for the key users and pilot drivers
  • Distribution of the first mobile devices and start of OPHEO MOBILE tracking operation
  • OPHEO order and dispatch training at the customer site for the key users
  • OPHEO MOBILE train-the-trainer training at the customer’s premises for key users and/or driver supervisors
  • Joint coordination of the test concept
  • Testing of OPHEO functions by key users
  • Testing of the Interfaces by the key users
  • Joint evaluation of the test results and, if necessary, adaptation of the configurations or the interfaces
  • Supplementary training for further OPHEO modules or services
  • Training of all OPHEO users on the basis of the identified business cases
  • Commissioning in the agreed roll-out steps, accompanied on site by OPHEO Consultants
  • Handover of support to the OPHEO Support team
  • Supplementary training for other OPHEO modules or services