Web-based Tracking Link
for your customers – here come the goods!

What has already worked for years in the B2C business with Amazon, Zalando, and alibaba is now easily possible in the world of B2B transport logistics:

In addition to the possibility of actively informing your customers about upcoming deliveries, OPHEO also includes an additional service with which your customers can proactively and independently view and track the current status of their expected shipments—with web-based tracking link. To do this, your customers simply need a smartphone, tablet or PC with which they can access a web link with all relevant shipment information, which is transmitted directly from OPHEO. This way, your customers are always informed about the consignment status whenever and wherever they need the information.

How it works
Tracking Link
with OPHEO

Thanks to the current Shipment Status, your
customers know when their delivery will arrive.

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