The importance of ETA data

Today, ETA data is often referred to as the goldmine of transport logistics—and not without reason. If you know the arrival times of vehicles, you can provide resources for upstream and downstream processes with pinpoint accuracy, avoid waiting times, and optimize the entire supply chain process.

OPHEO provides this ETA data in the highest quality for the advice note service, among others. You therefore create the possibility to further refine your service quality towards your customers with OPHEO.

Informed at the earliest stage through Auto Messaging

Using notifications, your end customers are informed proactively and at the same time, fully automatically about the status and ETA of a shipment. For this purpose you define in OPHEO in advance, which customers and at what time a dispatch note should be triggered.

Triggering times can be, for example, when loading is complete, when a predefined remaining driving time is reached, or when the vehicle enters a certain radius around the delivery address. Optionally, the message can be sent by e-mail or SMS.

How it works
Auto Messaging
with OPHEO

Inform your end customers proactively
and fully automatically.

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Better planning with Appointment Confirmation

With the advance notification function, you have the option of planned time slots for delivery confirmed by your customers in advance.

This creates planning reliability for the customer and for your dispatchers, avoids surprise trips to the customer’s premises, and at the same time shortens waiting times on site.

Your advantages at a glance

Improved customer service

Reduced standing and waiting times with the customer