Agriculture and Pellets

Many companies in the Agricultural Sector also use OPHEO to automate their Route Planning and Scheduling. Whether feed or pellets – the transportation of Agricultural Goods can be ideally mapped with OPHEO.

In the Animal Feed Industry, OPHEO is used to ensure round-the-clock supply to silos. Special Scheduling Control is possible. For each customer, it can be stored at which times Unloading is not possible, for example, during milking times.

In addition, the exact GPS Location of each feed silo can be mapped in OPHEO. This has the advantage that the coordinates can be approached precisely during subsequent Unloading Operations.

In addition, a driver Shift System is also widely used, especially in the Agricultural Sector. OPHEO offers the possibility to map this driver Shift System in detail, in order to plan and ensure the smooth delivery to your customers 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

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