Monday, 27. June 2022

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OPHEO 7 Nominated for Readers' Choice Award LOGISTRA Best Practice: Innovationen 2022

Hamburg, Germany, June 27 2022 – OPHEO 7, the newest version of the dispatching and transport management software OPHEO, is nominated in the readers’ choice award “LOGISTRA best practice: Innovationen 2022” hosted by the publishing house HUSS in the product category Telematics / Navigation.

Version 7 of the digital transport control center OPHEO is the first version to be also available as a cloud-based solution making OPHEO an even more important tool in automating truck dispatching for shippers and logistics providers. With OPHEO 7 location-independent scheduling is available for the first time allowing dispatchers to work entirely from their home offices. In addition, OPHEO 7 contains a whole range of other groundbreaking new developments and enhancements.

OPHEO 7 Takes Trucks Dispatching to the Next Level

As a result, OPHEO now enables better integration of upstream and downstream truck dispatching processes, such as picking. The automatic break planning function has also been enhanced: it compares and analyzes planned breaks and actual breaks ensuring optimized driver deployment and further relieving the dispatchers. An automatic notification feature in OPHEO which informs everyone involved in the process from customer to driver about the planning, postponements and the current delivery status of shipments, provides additional time and effort savings. Rounding off the range of innovations in OPHEO 7s, the new version comes with a new truck locating function combined with the use of satellite maps.

Innovation Leader in Logistics

The reader’s choice award “LOGISTRA best practice: Innovationen 2022” is dedicated to the question of which are the most exciting innovations in the logistics industry and also how they enable decision-makers in transport and intralogistics to tap into efficiency gains and potential savings that were previously inconceivable. In addition to OPHEO 7, the Telematics / Navigation category features the Ford Pro / Liive services (Ford) and the ContiConnect Gen 2 tire monitoring system (Continental).
Stefan Anschütz, CEO & Founder of Opheo Solutions: “For us, this nomination is already an outstanding success considering the strong competition. We are proud and thrilled by the fact that our software is competing with solutions from globally operating companies such as Ford and Continental for the readers’ choice award. The many years of work we have put into product development and especially our now completed leap into the cloud with OPHEO 7 are thereby salready paying off on many levels.”

Users can still vote on the LOGISTRA website until August 17, 2022.