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Monday, 09. September 2019

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Launch of our blog on digitalisation & automation of transport management

Today we are launching our blog on the topic of “Digital Transport Management”. Here we will report regularly on topics related to the digitalisation of road freight transport.

As an innovative IT company, we will of course be particularly concerned with the question of what contribution software can make to making transport more efficient and customer-oriented and to automating the management of transports. We are also interested in bringing more transparency into the jungle of countless software solutions and glittering buzzwords.

In addition to technical topics, we are also interested in the question of how working in Industry 4.0 or Logistics 4.0 will change in the future. What influence will the technical possibilities have on the various roles and jobs in the transport chain and how will it be possible to attract and retain employees for the tasks in transport logistics in the future?

Networking within the logistics chain (keyword: digital collaboration) will also play an important role in our blog. Here we want to highlight the possibilities of a better and faster flow of information, especially to customers and service providers.

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Many greetings from Hamburg
Dr. Stefan Anschütz

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