Freight exchange connection: better capacity utilization

Freight exchanges are an important tool for economical transport management. This tool promotes higher levels of efficiency when it’s easily integrated into your dispatching.

OPHEO makes it possible to integrate virtual marketplaces directly into truck dispatching. With the Freight Exchange connection in OPHEO, you can quickly find freight space or additional orders, and better utilize your capacities.

OPHEO makes it as easy as possible for dispatchers to place and find orders. With the intelligent Freight Exchange connection in OPHEO you avoid capacity bottlenecks and empty runs, find follow-up orders, and schedule faster and more economically. In short: You increase the profitability of your transport management.

Now you can plan smarter and more economically.
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Intelligent order search and allocation

With the Freight Exchange connection, your dispatchers can place orders from OPHEO on virtual marketplaces – simply by mouse click from the order list or the dispatch card. The order data is transmitted directly to the freight exchange, so that suppliers can bid on it there.

Recognize contribution margin directly

On the other hand, you can quickly find suitable orders to match your own spare capacities. OPHEO filters suitable freight from the marketplace according to your unique specifications, and displays it on the map and in the order overview. It directly calculates detour kilometers and total costs of the available orders, and compares them with the potential turnover.

The dispatcher immediately recognizes the contribution margin of the proposed freight and always finds the best orders. In this way, you always make optimal use of the capacities of your transport management with OPHEO.

The first Opheo partner for the Freight Exchange connection is TIMOCOM, one of the largest and leading freight exchanges in Europe. Other freight exchange providers will be added successively.

Automated and efficient scheduling

Our digital Transport Control Center automates dispatching, accelerates your processes, and ensures that your dispatchers can work economically and efficiently in a modern workplace environment.

Benefit now from superior dispatching.

Benefit now from superior dispatching.
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