Tuesday, 26. April 2022

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Wormser Uses OPHEO for Dispatching

From May 2022, Hans Wormser AG will be operating its fleet of 230 company-owned and around 30 third-party tractor units with the dispatching software OPHEO from Opheo Solutions GmbH. By making that switch, the logistics service provider hopes to take a considerable load off its dispatchers and thus create potential for further growth. Moreover, the optimization algorithms used in OPHEO shall optimize the tours and reduce empty mileage.

“We opted for OPHEO because we can effortlessly integrate this modular solution into our IT landscape. In addition, Opheo Solutions has very good references“, Hans Wormser AG’s CEO Martin Nether explains. As part of the selection process, the company also surveyed its dispatchers, who “had also expressed their preference of OPHEO due to its ease of use, short response times and the very flexible configurability of the work interfaces,” Board Member and Project Manager Bertram Rupprecht reports.

At Wormser, OPHEO completes the Sauer transport management system which will continue to be used by Wormser for billing as well as workshop and order management. The order data is transferred directly from Sauer to the dispo cockpit via an interface and then distributed to the vehicles. Before the Go-live in May, another interface will be set up for the Spedion telematics system.

In a first step, the German locations Herzogenaurach and Schelklingen will be switched to the new dispatching software. Four more locations will follow, until eventually the entire 12-person dispatching team will be working with OPHEO. The new software is expected to simplify their day-to-day work considerably, allowing Hans Wormser AG to manage its annual growth of 8 to 12 percent while maintaining the same level of quality and the same number of employees. After just 18 months, the investment is expected to have paid for itself.

Simplification starts with automatic notification and ends with intelligent support for tour planning in silo transport, which, in addition to driving breaks, must also take into consideration the sequence of the products loaded and the rinsing processes of the tanks, among other things. “Our dispatchers’ work is so complex that a person can hardly process the multitude of factors in their head”, Rupprecht explains, adding: „On top of that, they have to handle the handovers when changing shifts and face the additional challenges posed by working from home.“ Using the intelligence of OPHEO, the aim is to make dispatching easier for people and, last but not least, to make it easier for new recruits and career changers to join the company.

“We are very pleased to be able to call Hans Wormser AG our customer, as this freight forwarder has been a model company for the entire logistics industry for many decades“, Opheo Solutions GmbH CEO Dr. Stefan Anschütz emphasizes. “We are proud of the fact that we will soon be a part of this company culture and help it meet its high quality standards.“

Hans Wormser AG is a medium-sized logistics service provider headquartered in Herzogenaurach, Germany and with 11 operating facilities in Germany, Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Founded in 1945, the company operates its own fleet of 230 tractors and 260 trailers, which cover a distance of around 22 million kilometers per year. Wormser also holds 60,000 square meters of warehouse space in Germany and a further 15,000 square meters in Slovakia. Its core competencies include freight forwarding, logistics, IT services and the truck repair shop complete with a washing service. Hans Wormser AG has 590 employees. For more information, please visit